Tasso's Auto Repair



Tasso’s Auto Repair is a name that has earned the trust and respect of the Saugus, MA community when it comes to automotive care. Situated in the heart of Saugus, Tasso’s has built a solid reputation for providing reliable and top-quality auto repair services. Their team of dedicated technicians boasts extensive experience and expertise, making them adept at handling a diverse range of car maintenance and repair needs.

Looking for the Right
Vehicle Repair Service?

We understand the importance of your vehicle in your daily life, whether it’s for commuting, exploring, or embarking on new adventures. With this understanding, we strive to deliver excellence on every road, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best.


Nestled in Essex County, Massachusetts, Saugus is a town that beautifully blends historical significance with modern suburban living. With a rich history dating back to its colonial roots, Saugus is home to the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, a testament to its role as a pioneer in the American iron industry. This site offers a glimpse into the town’s early industrial heritage, showcasing the first integrated ironworks in North America.

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